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Places to Visit in Rajasthan

India is an all-year destination, and expects tourism footfall throughout the year. It’s extremely crucial for you to understand that from the majestic Himalayas to the calm beaches. It is all about choosing the right time to be at the right destination. In this blog, we’re going to share everything about the best time to visit for an amazing trip. We will illustrate which is the best time to visit if you pick a learner season, the best festival in

Before beginning any trip to India, it is always better to plan and strategize everything in advance. There are a lot of different types of holidays in India that you can take in India like monumental trips, wildlife tours, beach vacations, nightlife getaways, and so on. If you are looking for a great experience and hinder-less joy, you ought to plan. No wonder which types of trips you are planning to take, you can rely on this travel guide. Following

Located rightly in the middle of old Jaipur, City Palace is stretched to 1/7 portion of the land. The construction of the royal palace dates back to 1732, which still looks as fresh and crisp as it always would have been. The entire royal palace is divided into multiple parts including courtyards, gardens, palaces, temples, and more. Even a portion of City Palace Jaipur has also been turned into a museum displaying a great collection of antiques and belongings of

When it is asked to virtualize the richness of Rajasthan, something that comes first is the mighty rusty forts, remote areas, and men and women whirling in their traditional dresses. Although, this place is confined to all that you wish to see here. A part of its diverse landscape is home to the famous wildlife destinations of Rajasthan where the animals roam freely in their habitats. The immense beauty of wildlife in Rajasthan can be seen by taking jungle safaris

One of the top tourist places in India, Rajasthan abounds with a lot of sightseeing locales. The royal state of Rajasthan has gained worldwide popularity for its regal lifestyle, warm hospitality, elegant architecture, and colorful fairs. The most interesting fact about this place is that you can enjoy the place to its fullest at any time of the year. While you are traveling to Rajasthan, you just need to make sure you keep some travel tips in mind. All you

Rajasthan takes pride in being home to many spectacular historic forts and royal palaces. The state is known for its regal lifestyle and vibrant history, ripe with stories of courage, valiance, and chivalry. Rajasthan is stunningly dotted with countless tourist attractions that still behold a diorama of the medieval clamor. This is a popular Indian state which has been a part of foreign travellers bucket lists each time when they plan their India Tour Package. Its enormous buildings consist of

Planning a trip to India is quite a daunting task (but will be worth it). In a world of turn-off and go-travel, India is one of the outliers, where just traveling requires proper planning. In this article, we shall discuss how to plan a trip to India. So, whether it’s your first-time visit to India or you’re heading back for more, a journey can be relaxing and joyous.If you are wondering, why is it important to plan a trip to

The holy city of Pushkar in Rajasthan is well-known for its religious charm, Brahma Temple, holy lake ghats, and bustling bazaars. It is one of the great ways to find a spiritual escape away from the crowd. The following Pushkar Tour Package is a one-day tour plan to discover the richness of this place. Complete sightseeing of this place by car & driver will be complete in maximum 12 hours. So, you can plan your trip according to your preference.

The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is located in the Aravalli range. It is an important tourist attraction in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is undoubtedly known for the Dilwara Jain Temples. The most stunning tourist attraction is Dilwara Jain Temple where pilgrims from across the country flock here. Situated at an elevation of 1220 meters above sea level, Mount Abu is surrounded by lakes, forests, rivers, and waterfalls, and is often referred to as “an Oasis in the Desert”.History

Jodhpur is a sunny city set against a bright blue sky and blue-painted houses for which it is often referred to as “The Blue City of Rajasthan”. A famous travel destination in Rajasthan, Jodhpur was formerly known as the capital of the Marwar Kingdom. The city was established outside the limits of the fort in olden times. Also, the modern Jodhpur has grown and expanded through its palaces, forts, and temples, featuring beautiful architecture cradled in the sandy folds of