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Hauz Khas Fort Delhi Entry Fee, Timings, History, Built, Images & Location

hauz khas fort delhi

Nestled in the heart of Delhi, the Hauz Khas Fort beckons with its timeless magnificence, weaving together history, architecture, and natural beauty. It is the most famous historical gem in Delhi tourism, has a nominal entry fee, and welcomes travellers on a journey through the 13th century. As you step in the gate, you will be driven away to the era of Mughal reign. Their architectural legacy, seamlessly blending Islamic and Indian styles, invites exploration of chambers, a mosque, and a madrasa. The fort unveils its picturesque charm, making it a must-visit place in Delhi.

History of Hauz Khas Fort, Delhi

Hauz Khas is named after the water reservoir, a part of the fort complex. It is an Urdu term that means a water tank for the royal. Alauddin Khilji built the reservoir in 1296-1316 to meet the water needs of the inhabitants of Siri Fort. The Khilji dynasty had a greater role in the development of the area. Besides the Hauz Khas Lake, it also houses a mosque called Neeli Masjid and a tomb that was constructed during the reign of the Khilji’s. The famous Chor Minar gives a sense of how they used to rule there. All the thieves in those days used to be put on display in the Chor Minar, located within the colony.

Entry Fee & Timings

Embark on a visit to the famous Hauz Khas Fort; it’s helpful to know about the entry fee and timings.

Indian Adults20/- INR
Foreigner Adults250/- INR
Timing10:30 AM to 7:00 PM (Open all days)

Architectural Beauty

The architectural grandeur of Hauz Khas Fort reflects the ingenuity of the medieval builders. The fort boasts a combination of Islamic and Indian architectural styles, evident in its grand entrance, towering walls, and intricately designed chambers. The structures within the fort include a mosque and a madrasa, displaying the fine artistic brilliance of the bygone era.

Who Built the Fort?

The Feroz Shah Tughlaq, the sultan of the Tughlaq dynasty, built the brilliant architecture of this fort. Feroz Shah Tughlaq, known for his keen interest in architecture and public welfare, envisioned the fort to address the water scarcity issues faced by the city. His kind efforts in creating a sustainable water system and transforming the area into a fortified complex highlight his commitment to both practicality and aesthetics.

Location of Hauz Khas Fort

Located in the heart of south Delhi, Hauz Khas Fort enjoys a strategic location that is easily accessible from anywhere in Delhi. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist exploring the city, reaching the ancient fort is quite convenient. The well-connected roads and public transportation options make it a hassle-free destination for those eager to discover the historical and cultural wonders of Delhi.

Tips to visit the Hauz Khas

  • Do not forget to carry your camera when you visit the Hauz Khas Village. It has the most amazing beauty that is worth capturing.
  • Do keep extra time in hand when you plan the visit, as there’s a lot to explore within the village.
  • Do keep your wallets full, as you may not resist shopping for some amazing stuff.


Hauz Khas Fort stands as a testament to Delhi’s historical legacy but also as a tranquil retreat for those looking for a blend of history and nature. With its affordable entry fees, convenient timing, rich history, fine architecture, and beautiful surroundings, Hauz Khas Fort beckons both history lovers and casual travellers to immerse in the allure of the past. So, whenever you plan your next Golden Triangle Tour From Delhi, look back in time as you discover the fort and let its charm unfold before you.