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Rajasthan Holiday Tours

The growing tourism footprints in India indicate its enriched beauty that has been appraised across the world. There’s nothing surprising to know that the highest density of these footprints is in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. If you mark the shortest distance between these destinations, you would end up with an imaginary triangle formed in the heart of this country. Therefore, it is named the Golden Triangle of India. For first-time visitors in India, this can be an amazing way to

Planning an India Tour for the first time? Here’s a guide to help you travel to a diversely beautiful country. Read on to discover India in a whole new way and in its apparently infinitely stretched dimensions. So, let’s begin with it.India is a country of 100 billion people of different religions and faiths. From the high ridges of the great Himalayas to the mysterious lands of the east, India welcomes everyone with open arms to treat their wanderlusts in

The Taj Mahal is living evidence of human love and passion, that neither history dares to vanish nor does time dare to forget. The pure embodiment of love was created by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The monument was built out of immense love that made thousands of people bow down to their knees. It is a wonder of wonders in the world, where you’ll fall in love with the Mughal era and

Before beginning any trip to India, it is always better to plan and strategize everything in advance. There are a lot of different types of holidays in India that you can take in India like monumental trips, wildlife tours, beach vacations, nightlife getaways, and so on. If you are looking for a great experience and hinder-less joy, you ought to plan. No wonder which types of trips you are planning to take, you can rely on this travel guide. Following

Undoubtedly, Mehrangarh Fort has become evidence of India’s Glorious Side reflected by the monuments of this country. Rajasthan is a land of plush palaces and mighty forts that is testimony to its rich history and culture. Visiting these places brings live vibrant heritage and glorious traditions in the form of paintings, statues, arts, and artifacts standing sturdy since the bygone era. These colossal forts and palaces witness the rich legacy of the royals of Jodhpur. One such attraction of Rajasthan

When it is asked to virtualize the richness of Rajasthan, something that comes first is the mighty rusty forts, remote areas, and men and women whirling in their traditional dresses. Although, this place is confined to all that you wish to see here. A part of its diverse landscape is home to the famous wildlife destinations of Rajasthan where the animals roam freely in their habitats. The immense beauty of wildlife in Rajasthan can be seen by taking jungle safaris

One of the top tourist places in India, Rajasthan abounds with a lot of sightseeing locales. The royal state of Rajasthan has gained worldwide popularity for its regal lifestyle, warm hospitality, elegant architecture, and colorful fairs. The most interesting fact about this place is that you can enjoy the place to its fullest at any time of the year. While you are traveling to Rajasthan, you just need to make sure you keep some travel tips in mind. All you

The never-ending stretch of the serene golden sand dunes is what makes the Jaisalmer desert an ideal treat for travel enthusiasts. What’s a better way to enjoy the magnificent beauty than the thrill of the desert safari in Jaisalmer? The most popular Golden City of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer, hosts many exciting adventures in the desert stretch. From a leisure stroll over the sand dunes to seeing the traditionally adorned camels, there are many amazing things to do in Jaisalmer, making it

Flaunting a dreamy, colorful, and royal experience, each place to visit in Rajasthan offers a joyful vacation like never before. From hill stations to wildlife destinations or quaint little villages, one can enjoy all kinds of experiences within the state itself. Just like Udaipur exhibits gracious and romantic vibes, Jaisalmer on the other hand exudes a fun-filled desert life. The tour packages for Rajasthan are not just bound by culture and natural beauty, they also come with various adventures packed

Traveling is very critical for anyone, which refreshes the mind, body, and soul. Roaming around with family or friends will bring you a lot of fun and excitement. For traveling, finding a place is not just enough for you where you will experience the rich cultures and traditions. Whether it is serene nature or a free-flowing river, you will have a lot to experience at the destination. Be it a hill station or a place near the sea or even