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July 2022

Winters are almost knocking on the door and this time travellers can make up for the last few years. While most people plan to spend their holidays and weekends curled up in a blanket and sipping hot tea or chocolate, there are some who want to explore new places and enjoy the chilly weather. From the snowy Himalayan Mountain peaks to the relaxing backwaters of Kerala, there are many places to visit in winter in India that will make you

Rajasthan is a beautiful royal state that is known for its heritage sites, traditional folk cultures, delightful cuisines, and architectural wonders. The forbearing beauty and heritage of Rajasthan are also known for exciting things to do. Whether you are a culture enthusiast, an adventure freak, or a history buff, Rajasthan Trip Package has a lot in store for everything. Of many things to do in Rajasthan, here are the top 10 experiences that will make your trip memorable in 2022.10

India’s grandiose in terms of history and geography wins the heart and soul of all travellers in many ways. The country has a wealth of unique cultures, landscapes, festivals, and rich wildlife. Its brilliance in architecture and art is well-preserved from the past and draws tourists from all across the country. International travellers willing to discover the best of India on a short trip, usually plan their Golden Triangle Tour Package for 6 or 7 days as it gives them

Rajasthan has its relevance with Royalty, Regality, and Religious, so one can feel a blend of these in its vibes. The magnificence of this color-coded royal state is truly spell-binding. It is a place where artists clad in red turbans and green saris perform a folk dance on the beats of classic music to entertain visitors. From medieval forts to flamboyant palaces, many historical jewels crown the state with their magnificent charm. Rajasthan is a place where camels, colors, and