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Plan Your Trip to India: A Favorite Choice of First-Time Visitors

plan your trip to india

Planning an India Tour for the first time? Here’s a guide to help you travel to a diversely beautiful country. Read on to discover India in a whole new way and in its apparently infinitely stretched dimensions. So, let’s begin with it.

India is a country of 100 billion people of different religions and faiths. From the high ridges of the great Himalayas to the mysterious lands of the east, India welcomes everyone with open arms to treat their wanderlusts in a way like never before. Be it the sweltering shores in the south or the desert in the west, India is more like a conglomeration of the country that is rather unified as a whole. Traveling to India is like entering another universe – complete with its own identity, own characteristics, and its own charm. No wonder how much you know or read about this country. Your experience will be unique and unexpected. While you are in the country, you will share a different story from everyone visiting this amazing land.

Tailor-Make a Route To Your Interest and Time

India is immensely huge and can’t be explored in one go. It could keep the travellers entertained all the time because of its no dearth of attractions and adventures. It’s impossible to see the country on just one trip, due to the geographical diversity it is enriched with. The vivid assortment of cultures makes India truly an “Incredible India”.

While the islands, beaches, and backwaters in South India Tour are alluring, on other hand, forts, palaces, temples, and festivals in Rajasthan are more tempting. The national parks in the central India are home to Royal Bengal Tigers whilst the majestic ranges of the Himalayas cast a spell on travel freaks. For the first timers, the Golden Triangle Tour is a great initiation to India which then be extended to any place in India. Here are some of the suggested routes that you could take for an introductory tour of India’s diversity. Let’s begin with the suggestions –

Golden Triangle Tour: The Confluence of History, Heritage, and Cultures

India’s Golden Triangle Tour Package connects Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, making it the most popular travel circuit to get introduced to the country’s richness. If you have more than 10 days to travel the country, then it is suggested to keep Rajasthan, Khajuraho, and Varanasi into consideration for an excursion from this triangle route. However, each one of the destinations is home to many historical sites of the bygone era.

Rajasthan’s Rajputana Valor: Representing The Royal Side of India

The enchanting royalty in the vibes of Rajasthan leaves everyone amazed for just the first time. The mysterious forts, flamboyant palaces, and ancient temples of Rajasthan Tour Package are some of the most mesmerizing and captivating sights. These are the major highlights of any trip to India. Its colorful turbans and saris, add colorful hues to the otherwise stark desert kingdom of Rajasthan. There is a fascination with art which is evident in the spectacular forts and palaces, temples, and havelis they left behind.

Beaches & Backwaters: It’s all About Water Adventures and Natural Bliss

Do you know India is home to some of the brilliant sun-kissed beaches in Asia? Yes, it’s an unbelievable fact. Radhanagar Beach in Andaman has been voted once as the finest in Asia. Although, its vast coastline and tropical weather mainly embellish Goa, which makes it the most-loved or explored beach holiday destination in India. Moreover, the backwaters in some South Indian destinations, like Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Kollam, are also popular.

Himalayan trails: Trek to The splendid Crown of India

The longest stretch in India is the Himalayas, which starts from Jammu and Kashmir in the north to Arunachal Pradesh in the north East. The Himalayas are associated with spirituality as well as thrilling adventures. Ladakh and its spectacular roads, mountain passes, Buddhist monasteries, high-altitude lakes, and Tibetan cultures are all that adorn the Himachal Pradesh Tour. A multitude of treks in Himachal raises the fun quotient in this state.

Spiritual or Religious Tours: Take a Gist of India’s Spiritual Side

The diversity of faith and religions that co-exists here is an indication of plenty of spiritual places in every region. A pilgrimage tour to India takes you to several temples, churches, mosques, and gurdwaras leading to spiritual enlightenment. Amritsar’s Golden Temple is a must-visit in India which is also explored as a Golden Triangle Tour with Amritsar. Moreover, some popular spiritual destinations in India are Varanasi, Khajuraho, Tamil Nadu, Hampi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Pushkar, etc.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, India will offer one of your memorable journeys full of exciting adventures, spiritually enriching experiences, journeys of wisdom, etc. Brace yourself to drown yourself in an ocean of overwhelming encounters on your journey to the “wonder called India”. If you are planning your first-time trip to India, then let Trip Plan India takes you on a remarkable journey to the country.